Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet success!

Quick update - the diet of misery is working. I've lost 8.4 lbs! (And that does include three weeks of half-ass dieting I did prior to the weekend of gluttony.)

Aaaand, in addition to feeling pumped about those 8.4 lbs, I'm also feeling the "get skinny" pressure now that Anthony and I have decided that we're going to take a 7 day cruise to the Carribean to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We still haven't decided exactly which crusie we're taking yet, but I have my eye on the Liberty of the Seas, a Royal Carribean ship that sails to Jamaica, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Haiti.

If all goes as planned we'll leave around mid-June, so that leaves me approximately two months to get bikini-ready!


  1. Im jealous! Thats awesome! 8 lbs makes a huuuge difference. What are you doing? WW?
    Ive been soooooo good this week. I've had very bad headaches and I think its withdrawls but I am feeling great.

  2. ps. I am leaving on a 7-day cruise at the end of june! leaves june 28 to be exact! We can motivate eachoter

  3. Have you ever heard of Quick Weight Loss Centers? I have their diet book from when I dieted with them before my wedding. It's kind of like the Zone diet - pretty strict - they emphasize portion control, eating good foods, no sugar after 6 PM. It WORKS! I really only started it this week, but i was dieting beforehand and lost a couple pounds before I started.

    What diet are you doing, Jenny??? I have had headaches all week (since I started the "fat flush") and today is the first day the sugar withdrawals aren't bad. It gets better! I'm actually feeling great today, too :)

    We should definitely keep motivating each other! What cruise are you taking?

  4. Weight Watchers. I actually have been going to meetings every week but I finally began writing down what I eat and being super strict about it two weeks ago. sloooowly but surely. Ive heard of OWL but I honestly am scared to stray way from ww. I know it works it always snaps me back into my happy weight but these past months have been soooo hard for me to stay focused.
    As for the cruise- were going on carnival.