Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear baby Jesus,

If you make the next 25 minutes fly by and spare me from the wretched hot mess that is sure to be US-1 traffic this evening, I promise to:

1. Be a good wife and make dinner for my husband;
2. Put those dishes that have been staring at me for two days where they belong - in the dishwasher;
3. Stop wishing evil, evil thoughts on the brainless individuals I have spoken to today; and most importantly
4. Go to bed on time tonight so that tomorrow won't be as miserable as today.

I am not very likable when I'm sleep deprived and for some reason, I just cannot sleep until Anth gets home. Which means I've gotten very little sleep for the past three weeks (except when under the influence of Nyquil, of course - that stuff is POTENT). If his schedule doesn't get any better soon, this new, cranky Elizabeth may just stage a coup and take over.



Traffic sucked. Bad. Thanks alot, baby Jesus.

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