Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello, Monday

Hey everybody! It's Monday and I'm so excited to be back at work!






::sigh:: Anyone else got the Monday blues? Can I get an Amen?

As usual, this past weekend flew by way too fast. And as usual, just as I was getting used to waking up late, my alarm rang, quite annoyingly, right on schedule at 7:30 this morning. To make it worse, it was POURING outside, and even Chewy poked his head out of the covers long enough to glare at me with an expression that clearly said "Hey, lady -- yeah you, the blonde one who just turned on that bright light in the corner -- what the hell are you doing out of bed?!"

Oh Chewy, you will never understand. I chuckle at how much you hate to be left at home every day, to sleep and snuggle in your little bed with your little pillows and toys, with only the sound of rain ringing in your oversized, but lovable ears. No phones ringing, no reports to go out, no files to organize. If only you knew what was out there, beyond the confines of your your house, your yard, your safely leashed area. You might not give me that dirty look every day as I scramble to burst out of the house in my high heels, iphone in hand, trying to remember everything that needs to go in my giant bag while waving a meager goodbye to you, which is always met by the same hollow, melancholy gaze. No, you probably wouldn't. In fact, you'd probably wave your little paw back at me, and wish me luck. Or at least I'd like to think that you would.

The weekend was relatively tame. I got my hair done on Saturday, and the hideous roots are gone and replaced by skinny blonde highlights (I appreciate anything skinny and blonde on my body, thanksverymuch). I finished the book for my book club, "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay, which was a sad, poignant work of fiction about a little girl who survived the Holocaust at a great cost, and a modern woman in present day France who discovers her heartbreaking story. I give it a B+.

I saw "Edge of Darkness", Mel Gibson's new movie, which was, in sum, just a decent Mel Gibson movie. Yesterday I met with the book club, a bunch of friendly, chatty 20-30 somethings who were a pleasure to have dinner with.

So yeah, relatively tame. This week promises to be a just as tame, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's nice to have a little peace and quiet in your life.